Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Best Bathing Suits from AliExpress

I have been a big fan of Victoria's Secret bathing suits for years and didn't like any other ones that I bought from other stores or online. Unfortunately, they are extremely overpriced which is why I would only buy one each summer. Lately, I wonted to risk and explore more affordable bathing suits in hopes to find similar quality to VS but for a much lower price. This would give me ability to buy multiple colors and style each year. I am happy to report that I have somewhat succeeded. I have been pretty satisfied with many bathing suits that I have purchased on Aliexpress. I will provide pictures and links below. Unfortunately, I have yet to find tops that are similar to extreme push up from VS. I will post it here and on my Instagram page as soon as I do. BE SURE TO ORDER THE SIZE BASED ON YOUR MEASUREMENTS.

Click here for Yellow and peach bathing suit ~$10 each

And here is the link to the  Chetah Print
I ended up paying ~$7 for this chetah print one. It seems like this particular color/print is of a significantly better quality compared  to the other ones from this seller as evident by buyer reviews. Be sure to check out the reviews if you are going to order a different color.


  1. Wow, they look great especially being from Alixpress.

  2. I get wary about buying stuff online because I won't know the quality. Having review blogs like yours really help though since I can get the feel of the quality of an item. Thanks so much for this!



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